The Equilibrium

A time activated lighting installation at Lacon House, London for award winning commercial art consultancy Acrylicize.

As part of our on going work with Acrylicize over the last 10 years we worked in house alongside the creative team to design two installations for a new large entrance foyer.

It comprises of hundreds of lit frosted balls strung between brass rods which were programmed to a 5 minute time sequence, The larger one on the left ( from road side view ) being programmed to reveal a giant sphere which was to represent the sun and then as the sun fades out the random spheres appear representing the stars and then finally the moon in the space on the right comes into form. 

After the design we worked with MDM Prop makers to prototype production methods and system for installation. A fun creation was the ball frosting machine which was like a washing machine lined with sand paper rotating all the cast acrylic spheres that were to be drilled and take an LED and cable connection.

Two giant metal frames with separate ceiling panels were assembled and tested off site at the huge MDM workshops before being moved to site and re built using genie lifts, then programmed. Many late and long nights went into this one to meet the deadline of opening.

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