Galactic Frontiers

This collaboration between Ice Hotel founding architect, Ake Larsson and Ben Rousseau was created for Below Zero in London as an Official Ice Bar of the Ice Hotel and was Titled “Galactic Frontiers”. 

The concept of the space was about three frontiers of the galaxy, one from earth , viewing familiar planets and star clusters, then a view into deep space to the unfamiliar and finally the view from space back down to the earth.

This was created using state of the art CNC ice cutting machines made from 3d models we designed, then all installed on site with a team of ice sculptures and brought to life with a programmable light show of projections and light patterns that helped emphasise our journey through the bar.

The space was made from 43 tons of ice from the River Torne in arctic Sweden.

Sadly Ake Larssson passed away during the design process of this project and so these pictures are a testament to his legacy as an artist and innovator in the field of Ice art and design.

“It was a true pleasure to get to know Ake as a friend and experienced artist over the years and I feel very honoured to be able share this project as an example of our united creativity” 

Quoted : Ben Rousseau

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