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Tempus is an award winning collection of luxurious kinetic artworks that reinvent our experience with time. Innovation draws on the calming beauty of building light patterns, removing the need for traditional numbers or hands. 

Experience the beauty of time redesigned.

If you are an individual seeking unique art or timepieces, an interior designer looking for sophisticated focal points for your projects, or a property manager in need of ambient enhancements that showcase how your hotel or commercial space is a class above, the Tempus Collection is for you. Each Tempus creation is a blend of innovative design and functional art, customizable to reflect individual styling preferences and add a touch of elegance to any environment.


Tempus Designer Collection

Tempus Iridian timepiece

Iridian Edition

Named after the Greek goddess of rainbows. Designed to fill every space with vibrant colour and soothing energy.

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Tempus Emperor Timepiece

Emperor Edition

This modern interpretation of a royal timepiece combines timeless beauty with contemporary style.

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Obsidian Edition

The darkened mirror of the Obsidian reflects its sorroundings in its surface, giving depth and beauty to any environment.

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Classic Edition

The Classic is our original, iconic Tempus timepiece. Designed to be our most timeless edition to compliment every space as a functional piece of kinetic modern art.

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The Tempus collection revolutionizes our experience with time through our unique, and beautiful connection with light. Offering a new, immersive way to perceive time. Ideal for the art connoisseur amongst us as well as those with the discerning taste for modern expressions of style and a desire for the exceptional.


Tempus Artistic Collection

TheArsenale Edition

"The Rotor" is our first Tempus X TheArsenale collector's edition. Inspired by the beauty of rotational machinery and mechanical detailing. A unique modern timepiece for automotive and aviation enthusiasts.

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custom Tempus clock by Ben Rousseau

Custom Edition

To cater for every taste we create one-off, bespoke, fully customised versions of our Tempus timepieces. Futuristic light clocks that bring the experience of time keeping into the present realm of luxurious interiors.

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How Tempus works

Avoiding traditional numbers or hands, Tempus instead uses an innovative, building pattern of light to present the time, with 132 channels of illuminating segments over three hypnotic, uniform arrangements.

With 12 hours in the central ring, 60
minutes in the middle ring and 60 seconds on the outer ring.
With 12,3,6 and 9 hour markers being in their familiar
positions we remove the need for traditional hands and
numbers. The toothed detail of the hours shows the end point
for each hour.

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The Craft

For the last 500 years Great Britain has been a leader in clock and watch making innovation and design, with over 60% of modern day mechanical watch components being invented here.

Our mission at Tempus is to play a part in the evolution of timekeeping devices. We believe beautiful design has the power to redefine our experience of reality and by rethinking our relationship with time through design, we rekindle a love affair with the seemingly ordinary.

Designed and made in the UK, our timepieces uniquely bring together elements of digital technology, luxury craftsmanship and kinetic art. With a focus on local manufacturing and sustainable materials, our products are designed to encourage us all to live life in the moment and appreciate our time more today than we did yesterday

How It Started

Tempus is a showcase for the ethos and passion of artist and designer, Ben Rousseau, who set up his studio in 2001 to produce bespoke lighting creations for a range of clients including private collectors, brands and hoteliers.

Ben wanted to design an innovative timepiece that embodied his love of uniform repeating geometries and married a futuristic aesthetic with the functionality required for everyday life. His ambition is to transform the way society thinks about time in order to appreciate the importance and joy of living in the moment.

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White Glove Installation

We offer a full white glove delivery and installation service for your new Tempus timepiece. Please get in touch for details.

Transform your watch with the unique Tempus display artwork, a masterpiece in crafted light, now available for your wrist.

Tempus for Apple Watch

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