Our Time At The British Watchmakers’ Day​

As we reflect on the incredible turn out of the very first British Watchmakers’ Day by the Alliance of British Clock and Watch Makers, we share our gratitude to have been invited to showcase our innovative new collection of Tempus illuminated TimePieces.

Saturday 9th March 2024 saw two sessions of visitors each of over 600 excited collectors, ready to celebrate with a like minded community and a shared appreciation for the art of British watch and clock making. Formed in November 2020, the Alliance- driven by four specific objectives: a budding desire to promote British craftsmanship globally, to become an impactful voice for the sector, to honour the British essence of time keeping, and to nature jobs and educational opportunities, proudly representing British Horology.

The show was an instant success, tickets sold out a month before the show. On the day of the show, hundreds of enthusiasts turned up early, forming a very long queue eager for the doors to open.​

As each enthusiast shares the same passion as another this formed an electric atmosphere of excitement and joy in the room, shared appreciation of diverse creations.

Alistair Audley CEO of The Alliance curated a heartfelt community as there was a smile on everyones face, from the designers, to the horologists, customers and even the event staff it’s hard to deny the collective community-felt atmosphere.

The show included something for everyone from the Iconic star of the show Roger Smith’s special series 1 Watch which was incredibly popular as watch fanatics flooded their stand throughout the day.

Roger W Smith Series 1

Quoted by Roger Smith’s Instagram:
The watch created especially for the show and put up for auction on the day, sold for more than double the original reserved price of £297,500.
Meaning it sold for over £595,000!
In support of The British Watch and Clock Makers, Roger Smith will be donating a cut to the Alliance to further the goals of the watch making industry.

Encouraging diversity and introducing the next generation of innovation, next to Roger Smith’s presentation, stood our eye catching Tempus Light Clocks stand

It was an incredible experience to share many joyful interactions with customers as you can see the fascination on their faces as they become mesmerised with our new way of viewing time. It was a real joy for the team, witnessing customers take a second to stop on their walk around the show once they’d been captivated by the calming dance of our artistic representation of showing time​

 After the fun revelation of understanding the functionality of the Timepiece they are hit with another Surprise! A customisable feature. It was great to witness the joy as people got interactive with our clocks, debating their favourite colour of light pattern.

With too many talented watch makers to mention here’s and inside look to a few of the watches and clocks that were personal favourites of ours


Other watch and clock makers also made an incredible impression. Its very hard to miss the pizza boxes floating through hall and the anticipation in the air for the launch of the studio.underd0g new pizza watch. Many congratulations to Richard Benc on the success of the day.

William Wood Watches

There was some fantastic watches with a unique story to tell, we were really intrigued by WilliamWoodWatches and their special Fire Exit Watch, featuring a fun secret animation on the back with the star made from genuine fire hoses!​

Zero West

We loved the detail of the Zero West stand and watches.


Seeing the Schofield watches up close was fantastic!

Sinclair Hardings
Thomas James

Then we also loved the amazing movements in Sinclair Hardings Clocks

And also loved the modern wall clocks by Thomas James

With over 45 brands on show and each making unique pieces just for the show we too made our own unique version to celebrate the event and after making a bit of a miss calculation making our auction QR code on metallic material we lost our ability to create a usable auction interface and will adding details soon of how to bid for this special edition which will be auctioned at the end of the month. With profits going towards supporting the Alliance and their work in the industry.

Stay tuned and register your interest for details here: studio@benrousseau.com with subject Alliance Bid. 

To view our 11 part journey of how we created this special clock go visit our Instagram @ben_rousseau_studio


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