Answering The Most Popular Questions About Light Clocks

What Is A Light Clock?​

A light clock is a sophisticated innovative timekeeping device. Unlike conventional clocks, a light clock incorporates the interplay of light and shadow to display the time. Designed with a minimalistic and modern aesthetic light clocks are evolving from traditional clocks to captivating futuristic  timepieces.

A light clock is more than a functional time keeping device; It’s an artistic expression that transforms the measurement of time into a visually engaging, pleasing experience.

How Do Light Clocks Work?

Through layers of material and precision engineering, light clocks work by formed light patterns which replicate numbers and are programmed to shine in sync of the Time. Demonstrated below is our obsidian clock sharing how to read the seconds, minutes and hours

Blue light lock explains the position of seconds minutes and hours

What Is The Beam Of The Light Clock?

The beam of light in a light clock is a stream of light which transfers between two parallel mirrors within the clock. A typical Designed light clock’s beam is emitted from a source and hen reflects back and fourth between the mirrors in a repetitive manner. The bouncing of the light beam between the mirrors is what Crete the ticking or oscillating motion of the light clock

Here are some examples of other light clock brands we love




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