Embracing Green for Spring: A Sustainable Trend in Watchmaking

What's trending for spring 2024?

Green reigns supreme in the world of watches and wrist decoration. Recently highlighted by journalist Jessica Diamond in The Sunday Times Style magazine, the prominence of green watches is a top trend in the world of watches this spring for 2024.

What to wear 2024 UK?

At the British Watchmakers’ Day Show there were some fantastic brands on display catering for all price points and another incredible watch brand we discovered was William Wood Watches, whose new Fire Exit watch is inspired by the classic interior’s fire exit signage, with the strap being made from recycled fire hoses and metal being made from melted down recycled fire helmets.

Great to see such a sustainable ethos running clearly through their production.

CEO Johnny Garrett has a new YouTube channel called @ThementorIwishIhad where he talks about his journey creating William Wood Watches and how he now wants to help interested enthusiasts with their journey. It’s really inspiring and we’ve had some great conversations since the show. It is a real testament to the fantastic community the Alliance of British Clock and Watch makers have brought together.

Meanwhile, at Tempus, the focus on green extends beyond aesthetics to a commitment to environmental stewardship. With over 70% of our timepieces being made from recycled or recyclable locally sourced materials, Tempus is doing our bit to honour how as designers it is our duty to think sustainably. New plans take us into a new collection, collaborating with Brunel University on the RIEm course, with our Tempus collection, we are actively researching ways to recycle single-use plastics and integrate them into our luxury timepieces, further reducing our environmental footprint.

As consumers, our choices matter, and opting for sustainable, ethically made products is a small yet impactful way to contribute to a greener future. By embracing sustainable material sources like those from William Wood, we not only adorn our wrists and walls with style but also support brands that are pioneering sustainability in the design industry.

This spring, let’s celebrate the beauty of green—both in nature and in our accessories—and take a step towards a more sustainable and stylish future.


Tempus supports green

As personal financial supporters of Greenpeace we were shocked to received the following email last week!! As you read this, scientists are panicking — global plastic production is now set to triple by 2050. If we don’t act now, the damage could be irreversible. We should all be on red alert. But Dove and their owners Unilever don’t seem to care. They’ve pumped 475 billion impossible-to-recycle plastic sachets into vulnerable communities even AFTER they promised to slash production. The worst offenders behind the plastics crisis are flying completely under the radar. We’re going to change that! In just a few weeks, governments worldwide will be negotiating the Global Plastics Treaty, our best chance to ban single-use plastics forever. Dove and Unilever’s huge power and influence at the Treaty could decide whether or not governments agree to a comprehensive ban on single-use plastics. This could be a turning point for the planet — we don’t have a second to lose.

To share your vote of support in enforcing the government commits to a zero tolerance of single use plastic production click HERE

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